Oreratile Ostrich Farm

Oreratile Ostrich Farm 

Mina Jill: Oreratile Ostrich Farm

Ostriches are probably the least known of the birds, and their looks do not add to their aesthetic appeal. Yet Mina Jill and her colleagues with funding from Peulwana went into business raising ostriches.

In a matter of one and half years, they had started supplying ostriches to an ostrich butchery in Oudtshoorn. Unfortunately the ostrich industry in South Africa was seriously affected by a virus from 2011 to mid 2012 in that led to culling of the birds.

Mina Jill, like everybody else, was seriously affected. Mina Jill and her colleagues as resilient as the ostriches are hardy have bounced back. They now have a bird population of 230 and re-entered the market with gusto.

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