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  • Seasonal Loans

    Seasonal loans are provided for agricultural contributions such as seeds, fertilizers and chemicals used to produce seasonal crops such as green maize, tomatoes, etc. Loans are to be repaid in full at the end of the season when the products are sold.
  • Short Term Loans

    Short term loans are provided for a period of one year. A short term loan can be used to finance inputs for a poultry farm, agri-processing facility, marketing agricultural products or for financing inventory of an input supply shop. Repayment of a short term loan is on monthly basis depending on the income generation capacity of the business.
  • Business Development Support Services

    In addition to providing loans, Peulwana Agricultural Financial Services provides a range of business development services to its clients. These include development of business plans, linkage to markets, cooperative development services, linkage to technical support services etc.
  • Other Support Services

    We provide financial oversight and governance while nurturing farmers and entrepreneurs from small-scale to commercial. We offer Project Management services for PPP interventions and other agri-projects.